Our Minister

Jesse Burns and his wife Bobbi started serving the Welch Christian Church in October of 2018.


Well I am probably not your typical Minister, as you might note from my family picture (side note: my wife, Bobbi is a rather good photographer). We got married in 1994, while I was in the Navy. I was all sailor if you know what I mean. It was through Bobbi that I came to know Jesus. It took a while to say the least. Hehe. At the ripe young age of 30 we sold all we had, packed up our 3 children (Kylen, William and Jestin) and moved to Joplin, Missouri so I could attend Ozark Christian College.  That was 2003. By 2007 school was finished, we had adopted two daughters (Dani and Angela) and we set sail for Florida, returning to our home church.   After a brief time in Florida we once again loaded up and set out on a new journey…with a new baby on board (Kenton). We served in Kentucky for 10 years where our daughter (Charli) was born. Yes, that makes 7 children.  We have been down some pretty rough roads in our life; remember we weren’t always Christ followers. Ministry has at times been more burden than blessing, but God has continued to fill us with joy and understanding.  We are a long way from perfect and we try to remember that.  We have entered a time in our lives when our older children are now starting their own families and our greatest hope is that they don’t make the mistakes we made and that they hold firm to the faith we profess. We smile a lot. We are huggers (Bobbi sometimes). We laugh and we cry. We make mistakes and celebrate victories. We try our best to be filled with grace. Through everything, God has continued to use us to advance His kingdom and I am good with that.